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Speaking Engagements...


Peter Fiduccia, aka The Deer Doctor, has given countless speaking engagements throughout the United States over the last four decades. During that time Peter has shared his in-depth knowledge about white-tailed deer tactics, behavior and biology with thousands of hunters.


Peter’s primary seminars are: The Deer Doctor’s Whitetail Strategies Workshop, The Deer Doctor’s Clinic to Successful Food Plot Planting, and/or a combination of both topics. The Deer Doctor’s Whitetail Strategies Workshop is a highly informative, and a very popular seminar that includes a wide-ranging assortment of topics for hunting whitetail deer including the latest deer research and a variety of traditional and unorthodox hunting strategies. 

Many sport show promoters have referred to Peter as "a dynamic speaker.” Sports show directors, the NRA, and big box stores including Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s have featured Peter as a guest speaker at their events. He is also a regular featured seminar speaker on the outdoor show lecture circuit throughout the United States. Peter's seminars on deer hunting strategies and/or planting food plots are enormously popular because they are instructive and combine useful and helpful information that is delivered in a very entertaining manner. A superb communicator, Peter bonds with audiences not as a tutor, but as a peer. He is readily accepted throughout North America as one of the leading authorities on white-tailed deer hunting tactics.


Peter’s lectures are specifically designed to be tailored to the type of tactics that can be applied anywhere whitetails roam. His presentations are generally 90 minutes in length, but can be customized to be longer. Peter doesn’t use the aid of a Power Point presentation, a slide show, or video. He firmly trusts that audiences genuinely appreciate and enjoy hearing a seminar enthusiastically delivered as a stand-up presentation, rather than one given by other electronic formats. Peter only requires a wireless microphone and only then if the seminar room is exceptionally large (He is of an Italian heritage, so his voice carries). 

Peter is available to speak at all types of functions, sports clubs, organizations and sports shows. His seminar fees are reasonably priced.

Complimentary Prizes – at the start of Peter’s seminars he “warms up” the audience by giving away about $100 in gifts. Peter asks several random attendees to answer “loaded” humorous deer hunting questions. Whether or not they provide a correct response – they receive a free gift.


Complimentary Autographs -- Peter provides any attendee that requests an autograph with a free, full color 8x10 personalized autograph. Contact us for more information.

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