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The Definitive Guide to Planting Food Plots: Plant it Right and they Will Come


This all new, hands-on guide has 201 different varieties of plants to choose from to plant for deer and other wildlife. Within the 460-pages there are 505 color photos, 39 chapters and 4 appendices. It provides easy-to-use, no-nonsense techniques on how to develop a well-balanced and well-planned food plot and deer management program whether you plant 1 acre or 100 acres. The information will enhance your food plot planting and deer hunting success tenfold.

Peter, aka The Deer Doctor, has successfully planted food plots for deer and other wildlife for more than 35 years. His know-how and sage advice will help you grow more successful food plots and improve your daily deer sightings and buck harvests. Through practical, understandable, and easy-to-apply information, you will be able to take your food plot plantings to the next level.

Fiduccia shares time-tested planting advice and techniques that he has used on his own land to help you grow your most successful food plots ever. For instance, he shares more than one dozen clover and legume plantings that are extremely winter-hardy throughout the deer season.

Some of the topics in this essential guide include:

  • Clover Varieties That Survive and Thrive Throughout the Winter
  • Fruit Trees Are Food Plots Too!
  • Small Plots – Big Dividends
  • Fail-Safe Small and Large Grain Plantings
  • Growing Better Brassicas
  • Varieties of Fruit Trees That Drop their Fruit into November and December
  • Top-Notch Grasses for Deer
  • Under Rated and Under Used Millets
  • The Extraordinary Chestnuts
  • Brambles, Shrubs, and Vines for Food and Cover
  • Advantages of Planting Mixed Seed Plots
  • Specific Plantings for Wild Turkeys, Waterfowl, and Upland Birds
  • Nut Trees In a Nutshell
  • More Than 60 Retailers for Food Plot Seeds
  • More Than 40 Sources for Food Plot Trees
  • Helpful Listing of Food Plot Consulting Services
  • Much More!

This practical guide, with the latest up-to-date, food plot planting information is sure to provide the kind of information that will help you consistently plant more successful food plots. It will also allow you to draw deer in when you want them there the most – during the daylight hours of hunting season.


Peter J. Fiduccia is one of the most recognized authorities in the deer hunting community, known throughout North America as the “Deer Doctor.” He is an award-winning journalist and has hosted the Woods n Water television series for more than thirty years. Fiduccia was the founder and consulting editor for Whitetail Hunting Strategies magazine and his writings have been published in seventeen books and numerous magazines. He lives with his wife, Kate, in Otsego County, New York.


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The Definitive Guide to Planting Food Plots

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