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The Ultimate Snort Call is reed-free making it extremely easy to use. It is very effective to intentionally spook deer from cover, stop a deer in its tracks, attract deer, and agitate adult bucks to respond. It mimics each of the 6 different snort vocalizations deer make with remarkable realism. It can be used in a variety of ways over the entire deer season.


For more details about the 6 ways to use the Ultimate Snort Call visit our website or blog page and read about the Alarm-distress, Alarm, the Social, the Agitator, the Stopper, and the Snort-Wheeze vocalizations. You can also visit YouTube to see and hear The Deer Doctor demonstrate each of the vocalizations above. Lastly, you can purchase our DVD Tactics for Talking to Deer for $9.99.


As always, Peter is available to assist anyone who has any questions about how to use the snort. Simply email Peter at and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Peter Fiduccia’s Ultimate Snort Call –

·      Includes a durable Camo Lanyard 

·      Overall length is 2 1/8 inches 
·      Price: $18.95

The Deer Doctor's Ultimate Snort Call

SKU: 005
Excluding Sales Tax
  • The Ultimate Snort Call is unique in that it does not have any reeds inside the call. Instead, the call uses nothing more than the volume of air blown through it to produce its realistic sound. Unlike other snort calls, where the reeds can freeze, fall out, or cause unwanted variations of sounds, this call does not have any other internal components that could potentially cause problems. The Ultimate Snort Call is trouble-free and extremely realistic. No deer hunter should be without the versatile snort call as part of his/her hunting strategies.

    The call is manufactured to The Deer Doctor's specifications. It includes a heavy-duty rubber mouthpiece, sturdy, rigid plastic body, and a custom flared opening to produce the realistic sound of a deer snort call. 

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