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The "Deer Doctor" (Peter Fiduccia) makes learning and using deer calls simple. With practical, commonsense in-field techniques, Peter demonstrates how, when, where, and why to use deer calls. He shows how hunters can use a variety of deer calls. He shows how hunters can use a variety of deer sounds to immediately increase their success. Deer are vocal animals and regularly communicate with a variety of sounds. * Learn how to use the best grunt sounds to attract rutting bucks. * Imitate the blat sound that does in estrus make to lure in a buck of a lifetime. * Master the call that all adult deer make that will stop even a running deer in its tracks--every time! * Learn the versatility of the snort call and how to use it to intentionally scare deer from heavy cover and into the open for shooting opportunities. * Enjoy watching in-field hunting action as Peter uses a variety of calls to bag several nice bucks on camera. You'll refer to the information on this DVD over and over again. It will help you see and bag more deer on your very next hunt! Don't miss the extra features !! 90 minutes long.

Tactics for Talking to Deer DVD

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