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The “Deer Doctor” (Peter Fiduccia) takes all the mystery out of using rattling antlers to attract both bucks and does. With practical, uncomplicated in-field techniques, Peter unveils his most guarded rattling secrets in this brand new DVD. He demonstrates how, when, where and why to use antlers to attract deer. With his usual no-nonsense, common-sense approach Peter will show you ways to rattle-in deer successfully no matter where in North America you hunt whitetails or mule deer. This age-old tactic, first used by the earliest hunters, will help take your deer hunting to the next level the very next time you go afield! The information on this DVD will be your “Holy-Grail” on rattling in bucks. It will help you understand the instinctive behavior of a buck and why he can’t resist responding to what he thinks are two bucks fighting. You’ll quickly learn what to do and what not to do in order to make a buck come in to your rattling tactics.  Time: 60 mins

How to Rattle in Your Next Buck

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