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You can read all about it on their website. Friday, November 27, 2013 Remember that post I did about creating what I called a "black box" like the people at Rackspace did for their user experience team? It really does make sense to design the process as a "black box" and use a separate "api" to get to your data. This makes it easy to replace the front end, move to a different database, etc. I'll share some of my thoughts on this. So this is just my personal opinion, not on behalf of Rackspace or any other company I've worked for. Black Boxes - Why? This is a "black box" because it's not easily scalable. Think of it like this, as you design it you may want to scale to only 5 or 10 people. So, as you design it, you code it to fit that number. You use a single database, single cache, one queue, one api etc. Now, this all makes perfect sense. You're only using 5 or 10 people. The problem is when you start adding more people. Now the logic is in the database and you're using one database for all 10 people. So, when you start hiring 20 people, you've now got two problems. First, you've got to start creating two databases and all the cache logic for 20 people. Also, your logic is now spread across two databases and is now in two different places. If one of the databases goes down it means you need to do some crazy, painful work to make the two databases "talk to each other." The worst case scenario is the database becomes so slow to respond that your site is completely unusable. So, to solve this you could take your design and break it down into two "black boxes." The first black box is the front end. This would be the design that the customer sees. The second black box would be the backend that stores your data and does your processing. This second black box could be located on a different server and be independent of the first. I've used this model in the past and it really works. You can scale the database down to one or two people. You can scale the backend up to 50 people. The only problem is that when you start designing this second box, you start thinking about the API. This is the number one thing that most folks overlook. If you have to go



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Megamix 2012 Radio Automation Crack radgia

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