A Comprehensive Handbook on Summer, Fall, and Winter Crops to Attract Deer to Your Property

With advice from The Deer Doctor, you'll attract trophy bucks to your property in no time!

Planting a well-balanced, well-planned food plot for deer can be a great resource for any hunter; it attracts and holds deer in the area, and creates a healthier herd. This detailed, hands-on guide will teach you everything you need to know about planting food plots for deer like a pro. Author Peter Fiduccia shares the time-tested planting knowledge he has used on his farm to help you grow more successful food plots.

Some of the topics included in this essential guide are:

  • Knowing what plants attract and hold deer best from October through January
  • Learning what warm-season plants help provide maximum nutrition for deer in spring and summer
  • Understanding why over-seeding is worse that under-seeding a food plot
  • Maximizing weed control by using the right herbicides
  • Learning how to keep predator numbers low on your land
  • And much more!

This practical guide will help both first-time planters and veteran food plotters take their deer management skills to the next level, for a healthier herd and better hunting.


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Shooter's Bible Guide to Planting Food Plots

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